Ryder April Update - Designing Ryder One

Learn how we designed Ryder One with our industrial designer, Ray Horacek.

Ryder March Update - Shipping Update Timeline

Updated shipping timeline, manufacturing process, and our upcoming beta tester program.

Ryder February Update - First Onboarding Demo is here!

Confirming our readiness to order the fabrication molds needed for mass production.

Ryder January Update - Feature Upgrade!

We're back with our January Backer Update: Ryder One includes now a larger charging coil to support a wider range of wireless chargers.

Ryder operates FAST Pool adding more services: future sBTC payout, Liquid Stacking, Instant Off-ramp and On-ramp.

The Fast Pool is one of the first and currently one of the largest stacking services in the Stacks ecosystem, boasting a total TVL of 43 million STX (<100M USD).

How self-custody will unlock consumer DeFi

Ryder is leveraging the speed of Solana and the security of Bitcoin to build a DeFi experience that makes self-custody simple and secure.

Ryder One is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo Indemand

Ryder One is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo InDemand until we fully ship the devices in Q2 2024.

That’s a wrap! Thank you for backing us!

With nearly 512 backers, we've raised over USD 110K, surpassing our goals and setting us on a path to bring Ryder One to life.

How do seed phrases work? What makes TapSafe recovery safe without a seed phrase?

Learn what is seed phrase and how TapSafe Recovery works with or without it.

Redefining Hardware in the Web3 Era: Ryder's CPO, Julien

Explore Julien's journey in the Web3 realm and discover what inspired him to create the Ryder hardware wallet, ushering in a new era of self-custody.

🚀 Ryder One Hits 100% Goal - Join Our Upcoming Q&A Session!

Ryder has successfully reached 100% of its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Introducing Ryder One: Hardware Wallets Made Simple, Now on Kickstarter

Discover Ryder One — hardware wallets made simple.

Ryder will integrate Astar Network

Ryder announces future support for Astar Network.

Ryder is integrating Polygon into its ecosystem

Ryder announces upcoming integration with Polygon network.

Ryder and Web3Lab: Pioneering Grassroots Web3 Adoption in Europe

Ryder partners with W3B Lab to bring effortless self-custody to the builders community in Europe.

Unlocking the Bitcoin Economy: Ryder will add support for Bitcoin, Ordinals, and BRC20 Tokens

Ryder is proud to announce its future support for Bitcoin, Ordinals, BRC20 and all things Bitcoin.

Ryder will integrate BNB Chain

Discover how Ryder's future integration with BNBChain and its Layer 2 opBNB enhances the self-custody experience for 1.2 million users.

Ryder will integrate Solana: Joining the mission for Mainstream Web3 Adoption

The Ryder One hardware wallet will support Solana at launch, helping to drive "web3 on the go" through its effortless self-custody.

Ryder & DeSpread: Teaming Up to Boost Self-Custody in Korea!Ryder & DeSpread

Ryder partners with DeSpread to increase our presence and initiatives in Korea.

Ryder pre-orders start on November 1st 11:00AM CET and will be unveiled at Solana Breakpoint

Ryder Pre-Order and First Public Appearance on Solana Breakpoint Announcement

Ryder and Alchemy Pay: Bridging 170+ Countries with Comprehensive Crypto On-Ramp and Off-Ramp Solutions

Alchemy Pay partners with Ryder to offer global on/off-ramps in 170 countries, 50 currencies, and 300+ payment channels.

Ryder Takes the Global Stage

Join Ryder's exciting updates and adventures in global events this October and November! Get ready for engaging panels, major announcements, and exclusive peeks.

Ryder Ecosystem Recap - September Highlight

Explore a September to remember with Ryder monthly recap—your gateway to a month packed with innovation, excitement, and notable strides in our ecosystem.

Whispers from a Distant Storm: Leo, Head of Marketing at Ryder, in His Own Words

Explore Leo's journey through tech giants DGI, Twitter, Oppo, and Bambu Labs, culminating in a new adventure with Ryder in the blossoming Web3 era.

Flagship & Ryder: Collaborating to Catalyze Web3 Accessibility

Dive into Flagship’s deep-sea of crypto insights and unlock the gates to a decentralized future with Ryder’s innovative self-custody hardware wallet.

Introducing Friedger Müffke: Ryder's Software Partner

From Android adventures to pioneering work in the Stacks ecosystem, discover how Friedger is shaping the future of self-custody at Ryder.

Quentin Saubadu: From Fashion Houses to Web3 — Designing the Future with Ryder

Join us in exploring the journey of Quentin Saubadu, Ryder’s UI/UX lead, as he traverses from LA's bustling studios to the groundbreaking universe of Web3.

Empowering Web3 in Japan: Ryder's collaboration with BuzzOne

Ryder partners with Japan's BuzzOne to redefine Web3 engagement. Experience the future of self-custody with our combined expertise in tech and community

Award-winning design firm, Anamaly joins Ryder to design the next era of hardware wallets.

Anamaly, a top-tier design firm, partners with Ryder to craft the future of hardware wallets. Dive into next-gen security and design excellence.

Ryder joins ALEX to Pioneer a Bitcoin Revolution

Ryder joins forces with ALEX, the frontrunner in decentralized BRC20 token trading on the Bitcoin blockchain.

What are Web3's Biggest Challenges?

This comprehensive study delves into the key challenges faced by web3 users and identifies recurring themes across usability, complexity, accessibility, regulation, security, and education.

Ryder's Exciting Q1 2023 Progress Report: A Look Back on a Productive Quarter

Explore Ryder's Q1 2023 progress report: product development, engineering breakthroughs, manufacturing advancements, and growth strategies.

What are BRC-20 Tokens: The cause of Bitcoin congestion

BRC-20 tokens have taken the Bitcoin world by storm, With over 14,307 BRC-20 tokens congesting the Bitcoin blockchain, they have gained massive popularity despite their limited features and functionality.

Top 5 Ordinals Wallets: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Bitcoin NFT Wallets

Discover the top 5 Ordinals wallets making waves in the Bitcoin NFT space. Explore unique features, compare user experiences, and find the perfect wallet for your Ordinals needs.

Top 5 Web3 Software Wallets for 2023: Empowering the Next Million Users

Discover the top 5 most popular cryptocurrency software wallets for 2023 and how they're making digital assets more accessible to millions.

The Ultimate Bitcoin Layer is almost here

Building on Bitcoin is currently the hottest thing in the crypto town. What better way to dive into it than looking at the hottest Bitcoin layer, Stacks (STX).

How to create and own an Ordinals NFT?

One exciting development that took the bears by storm and brought back the fun to Twitter was the creation of Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain.