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Secure. Simple. Social.

About Ryder

The world's first social wallet

Ryder kickstarts your personal journey with crypto, prevents theft and loss, and makes identity management easier.

Secure. Simple. Social.

Digital to Physical

Use your identity or NFT to enter a space

Ryder acts as an all-access pass to web 3 applications or events, such as crypto conferences, concerts, and more.


Tap to swap tokens

Send a blockchain transaction by simply tapping your Ryder on your mobile phone.


Recover your assets in case of loss or theft

Split your private keys over multiple trusted Ryders and retrieve your assets by tapping them together in the event of a loss.


Interact with your friends

Flick to trade NFTs with other Ryders.

Available 2023
Ryder social wallet
Available 2023
Ryder Social Wallet
Available 2023
Ryder Social Wallet

How to pre-order

Step 01

Get on the Early Access

Our early access gives our supporters the privilege of owning one of the first 5,000 Ryder devices. Get access to our early access by supporting us in any way that you can, from a tweet to a video.

Find out more on our Discord.

Step 02

Purchase a Digital Collectible

Purchase a digital collectible for $300 USD in STX or ETH to be able to claim a Ryder device, sold on a first-come, first-served basis. By purchasing a digital collectible, you might win one of the seven pledge tiers with their own unique rewards for early backers.

Step 03

Exchange Digital Collectible

Your digital collectible can be used to claim the Ryder device once manufactured. More details will follow soon; please see the pre-sale terms and conditions for this campaign.


Own one, or more, Ryder Digital Collectible

The moment’s almost here; our first edition of Ryder is launching this December 10, 2022. Limited to 5,000 pieces, with the digital collectible redeemable for the device.
 Be the first to own this ultra-exclusive Ryder. Let’s make history together.

*2% of the earnings will go to Ryder Open Hardware Development Fund.

The World's First Social Wallet

Crypto 3.0

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  • Secure
  • Simple
  • Social
Crypto 2.0

Hardware wallets

  • Secure
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Crypto 1.0

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  • Secure
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The NFT Daily is joining the #Ryde!

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By Louise Ivan
The UK's largest NFT news and media company is officially working with Ryder!
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