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The moment’s almost here, our first edition of Ryder is launching very soon. Limited to 5,000 pieces, with the NFT redeemable for the device. Be the first to own this ultra-exclusive Ryder. Let’s make history together.
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We want to make crypto available to everyone. And you can be the first to join our movement. Support Ryder, get your hands on our exclusive NFT and receive benefits and incentives from us as a thank you. We offer seven pledger tiers – give more and get better rewards.
*2% of the earnings will go to Ryder Open Hardware Development Fund.


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About Ryder

Introducing the first social wallet

Ryder is pioneering the next generation of wallets by bringing real life interactions to crypto.
  • Your digital identity is your all-access pass
  • Simply tap to swap tokens
  • Flick to trade NFTs with your friends
  • Recover your assets in case of loss or theft
Ryder kick starts your personal journey with crypto, creates backstops to theft and loss, and makes identity management easier. Together, we can bring crypto to the next 100 million people.

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