Ryder One

Strong hardware, Secure wallet, Simple transactions

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What experts say

We've seen Ryder grow from idea to product and love what we're seeing. I can't wait to have our Vault investor store their tokens in their flashy classy Ryder hardware wallet!

Jorn Van Zwanenburg

CEO, Flagship FYI

Very excited about what Ryder is bringing to market. The team's vision and execution are remarkable. The demo blew me away.

Kelley Weaver

CEO, Melrose PR

Ryder is chic, intuitive, and secure. It is like transition from personal handy-phone to iPhone. That was my impression when I held and tested the first device.

Yohan Leev

Global Manager Operations, The Sandbox

Ryder's innovative technology not only safeguards digital assets but empowers individuals to take charge of their financial future. We see a bright horizon where Ryder paves the way for secure and accessible crypto management, and we're excited to be a part of that journey.

Sally Wong

Partner, Oak Grove Ventures

The team behind Ryder has truly raised the bar for hardware wallets, with one of the most elegantly simple, yet innovative wallets in the space. User experience doesn’t have to suffer in exchange for best-in-class security. Ryder is proving you can have both.

Muneeb Ali

CEO, TrustMachines

Ryder's experienced team has developed one of the most user-friendly wallets we've seen. The innovative TapSafe feature is a game changer and demonstrates their dedication to creating the best user experience.

Robert McCracken

Ecosystem Lead at Alchemy Pay

The industry is ready for a new hardware wallet. Using Ryder, I feel like we are moving from the flip phone days to the announcement of the iPhone. It’s a paradigm shift in experience which will change the way you feel about hardware wallets forever.

Joe Vezzani

CEO, LunarCrush

To produce the best product, you need the best team. And having watched their process, I can say that the Ryder team is the best. Ryder will bring a never-before-seen Wallet UX to the Web3 space, and DeSpread will continue to support their branding as their Asian hub.

GM Chung

CEO & Co-founder at DeSpread

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Discover Ryder One

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Goodbye seed phrases.
Your wallet is secured by...

TapSafe Recovery

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Recovery Tag

Ryder's unique solution allows you to set up and recover assets with a simple NFC tap, sparing you from manually writing down seed phrases.

It's significantly more secure, yet simpler.

Multiple Ryder Recovery Tags,
Multiple locations, Maximum security

3-layer security system

Encrypted NFC
Double-sighash signals
Secure Signing

Secure element

German-engineered security chip safeguards every transaction and defends against malicious threats.

Red for Risk

The secure LEDs will light up red if the device detects a discrepancy in the software or any transaction.

Security you can touch

Ryder One’s capacitive touch button is directly connected to the secure element chip, ensuring that only you can confirm transactions.

Security, simplified

Hold, tap, send

View the amount and recipient on your screen, hold to confirm the transaction, and tap your paired phone to send.

It's that simple.

No physical buttons, No ports, No Bluetooth,

No Wi-Fi, 100% tamper-proof

No physical buttons,

No ports, No Bluetooth,

No Wi-Fi,

100% tamper-proof

Ultra-Strong Device

Material and Manufacturing Process

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Ready for water and dust

Over 8 months of iterations for ideal materials & design

Feature list



Aluminium body Polycarbonate Infinity Edge Tempered Glass




Matte PVD


Secure Element Chip

Infineon SLE78

Chip Certification


Operating System


Secure LED system

In the box

1 x Ryder One

1 x Ryder Recovery Tag

1 x Ryder Wireless Charger

1 x Ryder Pouch

Power & Battery

Built-in 200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Qi wireless charging.

Phone requirements

Any modern phone with NFC (Near Field Communication).

Modern iPhones and Android phones will work.

Ryder Mobile App installed.


Screen type

AMOLED Touch Display

Display size

1.6 inch


320x360 pixels

Display colours

301 PPI

Accelerometer 3-axis for the raise-to-wake feature

Size & Weight


41 x 55 x 14.5mm



Digital asset support

Supports 1,000+ digital currencies and collectibles


Near Field Communication (NFC)

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