Ryder and Web3Lab: Pioneering Grassroots Web3 Adoption in Europe

Ryder is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with W3B Lab, whose currently championing the builders’ community in Europe. Through this partnership, Ryder will be deeply involved in grassroots community-building events, workshops, and initiatives across cities where W3B Lab has a formidable presence. The idea is simple but profound: to bring the new era of self-custody directly to the builders, in places where they gather, work, and innovate.

By tapping into W3B Lab's vast network of builders, entrepreneurs, and web3 enthusiasts, Ryder aims to not only introduce its new self-custody solution but also to garner feedback, iterate, and refine its offerings directly from builders.

W3B Lab is thrilled to share the news of our partnership with Ryder. We will be working together to provide our community with access to cutting-edge web3 technology and support new self-custody innovation. The partnership with Ryder is a significant step towards achieving our mission of promoting the adoption of Blockchain in the EU.-Sharon Sciammas, Co-Founder, W3B Lab.

RSVP now and be the first one to receive a $70USD discount for Ryder's Kickstarter pre-order, launching November 1, 2023.

About W3B Lab

W3B Lab is a thriving community of web3 IRL builders in Europe with a presence in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Porto, and Lisbon. We bring together web3 startup founders, developers, and builders through a variety of events including workshops, co-working days, hacker houses, startup programs, meetups, and demo days. Over the past two years, W3B lab has connected more than 5,000 individuals across 80 events.

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About Ryder

Ryder introduces the Industry’s first TapSafe recovery system, replacing the complicated seed-phrase process with a simple combination of hardware, mobile application and social circle. It brings a new era of self-custody and empowers startups to embed digital assets into everyday life. Backed by industry giants like Oak Grove Ventures, Muneeb Ali of Trust Machines, DeSpread, and more.

After 2 years of extensive development, Ryder is gearing for its Q42023 debut; its stellar team boasts alumni from Opensea, Stacks, Twitter/X, DGI, NASA, Aston Martin, and more, with a track record of over 10+ successful crowdfunding campaigns.

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