Ryder will integrate Solana: Joining the mission for Mainstream Web3 Adoption

Integrating Web3 technology into our everyday life has become the next quest for layer 1 protocols. Solana, with its unparalleled scalability, rapid transaction capabilities and recent bet on hardware is at the forefront of this new movement: laying down the groundwork for a true decentralised hardware ecosystem that isn’t reliant on big tech giants.

In alignment with our commitment to pioneer more real-world use cases for digital assets and enable true decentralized economy, we will integrate Solana upon launch to fuel our shared vision of "Web3 on the go.” Mainstream adoption is not just about innovation but also accessibility. Ryder recognizes this by offering a super simple onboarding process for self-custody, coupling this with Solana’s ecosystem and its groundbreaking decentralized payment standards for merchants, Solana Pay, the future of peer-to-peer transactions looks closer than ever, bringing us back to the authentic Web3 ideals that we all stand for. Together with Solana, we can push the boundaries where Web3 isn't confined to our browsers or phones; but one that effortlessly disappears in our everyday life, so that we no longer become conscious of its presence unlocking value in ways we couldn’t imagine.

Join us on this monumental journey as we present Ryder One to the global audience for the first time during Solana Breakpoint on November 1, 2023, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

RSVP now and be the first one to receive a $90USD discount for Ryder's Kickstarter pre-order, launching November 1, 2023 at 11AM CET.

About Ryder

Ryder introduces the Industry’s first TapSafe recovery system, replacing the complicated seed-phrase process with a simple combination of hardware, mobile application and social circle. It brings a new era of self-custody and empowers startups to embed digital assets into everyday life. Backed by industry giants like Oak Grove Ventures, Muneeb Ali of Trust Machines, DeSpread, and more.

After 2 years of extensive development, Ryder is gearing for its Q42023 debut; its stellar team boasts alumni from Opensea, Stacks, Twitter/X, DGI, NASA, Aston Martin, and more, with a track record of over 10+ successful crowdfunding campaigns.

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