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Ryder joins ALEX to Pioneer a Bitcoin Revolution

We are thrilled to announce our partnership between Ryder and ALEX, a leading DEX on Bitcoin. This collaboration marks a transformative moment in the Bitcoin economy as two leaders come together with a unified vision.

ALEX has set the standard for secure decentralized trading of BRC20 tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. Their dedication to expanding the use cases of the Bitcoin blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC) as a currency, while ensuring optimal security, aligns closely with Ryder's values. We at Ryder have always prioritised both usability and security. By integrating ALEX in the near future, we're not just combining the strengths of two entities but pioneering a holistic ecosystem wherein a fully decentralised Bitcoin Economy is possible.

This partnership ensures that users of both platforms experience enhanced security, simplicity, and seamlessness of Bitcoin. With Ryder's upcoming hardware wallet, users can expect their digital assets to be not just safe but immediately ready for decentralized swapping a feature that will be provided by ALEX infrastructure, facilitating an effortless transition from storage to trade.

Combine the power of ALEX's Bitcoin DeFi with Ryder's simple hardware security. Effortless, safe, and seamless digital asset management ahead.” -Chiente Hsu, CEO of ALEX

Moreover, our combined efforts amplify our shared mission: unlocking a fully decentralized Bitcoin economy. We believe that for the decentralized economy to thrive, every user, be it a newbie or an expert, needs tools that are super simple and super secure. Our partnership with ALEX reinforces this vision, bridging the gap between secure storage and decentralised trading. The future we've all been waiting for is now one step closer.

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