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Award-winning design firm, Anamaly joins Ryder to design the next era of hardware wallets.

From the realm of athletic innovation and IoT smart communications to the forefront of Web3, the brilliant minds behind Anamaly, who have collaborated with top-tier brands and celebrities like Sony, Puma, Tiger Woods, and Rihanna, are now partnering with Ryder.

The award-winning product design firm was established by two brothers, Ray and Rob Horacek, with 34 years of combined product experience and 27 patents under their belt. Rob heads all technical facets at Anamaly Design, specializing in advanced engineering analysis, materials, 3D CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and design for manufacturing. Meanwhile, Ray acts as the creative catalyst, drawing on his distinct perspective and artistic skills to forge innovative insights and groundbreaking designs.

Rob Horacek, Mechanical Engineer
Ray Horacek, Industrial Designer

Rob studied Mechanical Engineering at Boston University and Technische Universität in Dresden, Germany and draw his extensive experience as a Design Engineer at both Cleveland Golf and Black Diamond Equipment, as well as co-founding and selling a product start-up. As Director of Engineering at Anamaly, his exceptional work involved collaborating with iconic brands and legendary personalities like Nike, Tiger Woods, and Vijay Singh, showcasing his ability to deliver outstanding results on high-profile projects.

Ray studied Fine Arts and Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design and Strate Collège in Paris, France. He consistently created high-calibre products for giants like Sony, MTV, and Reebok to global icons like Rihanna and Usain Bolt while being a pivotal player in the Innovation & Sustainability Team at PUMA.

Together with Anamaly, we set our path to design our flagship product that is effortlessly simple but luxurious, intelligent but never attention-grabbing, and can best represent the extreme contrast of the two most sought features in the space: usability and security.

Engineers delve into object-to-object connections and data interactions, and sociologists explore human-to-human connections. With our flagship product design, we wanted to capture the intersection of both, ensuring this device integrates into daily life rather than being left unused at home. This harmonious union between human-centric design and object functionality was achieved with Ray's foundation in conceptual arts, fashion, and anatomy, combined with Rob's profound technical knowledge in mechanical design.

Ultimately, we crafted a dynamic design for our flagship Ryder product where technical function marries human emotion. We birthed an iconic and timeless design for Ryder that sidesteps the pitfalls many in the web3 and hardware realm often stumble into.

How do we present a unique vision of web3 beyond its existing demographic?

Our goal is to elevate web3 beyond the stereotypical 'Matrix 1984 cyberpunk’ feel, redefining it as a beacon of accessibility, open for everyone where we, as users, can finally capture the value we create through digital assets, sharing the economic upside unconstrained by intermediaries.

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