Introducing Friedger Müffke: Ryder's Software Partner

At Ryder, our commitment to bringing the finest hardware wallet to the world isn't just about top-tier hardware, but also about partnering with the best in the software realm. Today, we’re ecstatic to introduce our software partner - Dr. Friedger Müffke.

Hailing from the University of Bristol, UK, Friedger possesses a Ph.D. in Computer Science, where he specialized in Designing Communication Protocols for Systems-on-Chips. But it's not just his academic prowess that caught our attention; it's his deep-rooted passion for open source tech. A passion that began with programming games on his parents' Commodore VIC20.

As the 2000s ushered in, Friedger was at the forefront of exploring rich-client technologies. His love for Android was ignited with the announcement of the open-source mobile platform in 2007, leading him to co-found the global Android conference, droidcon. However, as web3 platforms began to exert a stronger grip on users and developers, Friedger sought a more open, decentralized world. That quest led him to the vast horizons of web3, diving deep into programming smart contracts in C and Solidity.

But his heart found its true north in the Stacks ecosystem, where he’s been a stalwart contributor since 2018. From working on its Android SDK to submitting a plethora of patches, test libraries, and tools, Friedger's mark on the ecosystem is indelible. His dedication to Stacks shines through the FAST pool he runs, boasting a TVL of 40m+ STX and having paid out 55 Bitcoins to its stacking participants.

So, what draws a tech luminary like Friedger to Ryder? In his words, “Digital Identity is one of the use cases of blockchains that make sense to me, especially after witnessing how traditional web2 platforms deals with their users. With Ryder, I see an opportunity to bring user-owned identities to my friends, family, and essentially, every individual on this planet.”

We couldn't be more thrilled to have Friedger Müffke on board, harmonizing Ryder’s vision of self-custody with his deep technical expertise and passion for blockchain. With minds like his steering our software ship, the future of Ryder looks brighter than ever.

Jump into our Discord, say hello Friedger, and dive deep into open-source tech discussions with him!

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