Flagship & Ryder: Collaborating to Catalyze Web3 Accessibility

Web3, the next evolution of the internet, is filled with potential but can be daunting, difficult and scary for newcomers. Recognizing this, Flagship and Ryder have united to simplify this digital frontier, aiming to onboard the next wave of Web3 users.

Flagship, a platform renowned for its top-tier crypto insights, employs 'Captains' who delve deep into crypto sectors, from Solana to the Metaverse world. They consolidate these insights into 'Outpost' pages, providing readers with up-to-date news, emerging projects, and sector-specific guidance. Additionally, the platform's Vault offerings provide a simplified entry into diversified crypto portfolios. These indices enable enthusiasts to engage with specific trends or blockchain environments, streamlining the investment journey.

We've seen Ryder grow from idea to product and love what we're seeing. I can't wait to have our Vault investor store their tokens in their flashy classy Ryder hardware wallet!-Jorn Van Zwanenburg, CEO, Flagship FYI

On the flip side, Ryder stands out with its cutting-edge, user-friendly self-custody hardware wallet. Merging Flagship's rich knowledge base with Ryder's modern self-custody paradigm creates a formidable partnership that can champion educational initiatives, ensuring a seamless journey for newcomers to Web3.

Ryder will soon be open for pre-orders! Reserve your spots now.

About Flagship

Flagship aims to simplify crypto investments for both seasoned and new investors by offering actively managed Vaults, wherein users can invest in crypto trends with a single transaction. The platform ensures expert management and security for the assets while allowing easy withdrawal. The management includes a system of professional Captains and committees that propose and review rebalancing operations to optimize asset allocation. This approach is intended to mitigate the common challenges of crypto investments such as time, expertise, and security concerns, making investing in crypto trends user-friendly and more accessible to the public.

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