Ryder operates FAST Pool adding more services: future sBTC payout, Liquid Stacking, Instant Off-ramp and On-ramp.

Key Takeaways

  • Ryder will operate FAST pool and offer more services supported by OG Stacks Builders for FAST Pool members, bringing optional sBTC payout and future instant off-ramp and on-ramp
  • No need to relocate your tokens; Liquid stacking is coming to the FAST pool through a collaboration with one of the biggest DeFi protocols in the Bitcoin and Stacks ecosystem
  • FAST Pool by Ryder is set to become one of the largest public stacking pools, actively signing blocks when Stacks 3.0/Nakamoto is released
  • Ryder remains committed to doubling down on Bitcoin with a focus on the Stacks ecosystem
  • The new domain is fastpool.org

FAST Pool, the first and largest Stacking service

The Fast Pool is one of the first and currently one of the largest stacking services in the Stacks ecosystem, boasting a total TVL of 43 million STX. We are proud to announce that moving forward, Ryder will operate the FAST pool to provide the best PoX stacking service. As a user, you can expect the same service built and backed by a team that contributed to the early days of the Stacks protocol.

Moreover, FAST Pool by Ryder will become a Signer for the upcoming Stacks Nakamoto upgrade, playing a key role (with 10% of the total stacking TVL) in helping Stacks take another step forward as a complete Bitcoin L2. Stacks Signers will validate (or 'sign') Stacks blocks and process sBTC transactions, ensuring the seamless movement of BTC between Layer 1 and Layer 2. Through this integration, Ryder is contributing to securing the network and enabling the next generation of scalable Bitcoin applications.

The History of FAST Pool

FAST Pool has been operating as a stacking pool since cycle #3, pioneering a time when the only stacking service available was operated via email. The pool successfully launched NFTs with less than 10k stacks blocks, as seen here. It maintains a commitment to continuous transparency and stable operation, holding the record as the longest-running service on Stacks.

The implementation of a self-service stacking pool is a notable achievement, ensuring pool operators cannot overlook stacking or censor pool members any longer. Also, CityCoin treasuries in Miami and New York are actively utilizing FAST Pool.

Developed under the guidance of Bitcoin Builders and Stacks Builders led by Friedger and now with the support of Marvin and Louise, who all played a pivotal role in the Stacks ecosystem early days.

  • Friedger has been known as an all-around contributor to the Stacks ecosystem since 2018 and worked on its Android SDK, submitting many patches and test libraries and tools as they have become available. He also contributes to sBTC and the Nakamoto release.
  • Marvin was the technical lead at Stacks Foundation focused on Stacks integrations, supported Stacks startups, and worked on Clarity protocols like ExecutorDAO. He led Clarity Labs and was the author of the Clarity Book. Like Friedger, he also contributes to sBTC and the Nakamoto release.
  • Louise Ivan was formerly the Growth Lead at the Stacks Foundation. He was an early community member before transitioning to a pivotal role at Hiro PBC, mostly known for the SEC-qualified US Reg A offering in 2019. Under his helm, Stacks' community grew to 100,000+ members across 30+ nations, driving its market cap past $1B.

What to Expect: Optional sBTC Payout, Instant Off-ramp and On-ramp, Liquid Stacking

Ryder will operate the FAST pool and will be managed by Friedger, Ryder’s Software Partner. We continue to use on-chain transactions for all operations. This is transparent and using Stacks as Bitcoin L2 it is cost efficient. We plan to integrate sBTC for more trust-minimized reward handling. Pool members will be able to receive rewards in STX for auto-compounding or in aBTC and in the future in sBTC.

Imagine receiving your Stacking rewards directly into your bank account each cycle. Instant off-ramp and on-ramp with Ryder’s off-ramp and on-ramp partner, Alchemy Pay in the future.

Also expect ongoing innovation:

  • FAST Pool will integrate with software and cold wallets for seamless staking.
  • Trust-minimized reward distribution through smart contracts.
  • Liquid stacking will come to the FAST pool in collaboration with the biggest organizations in the Stacks Ecosystem.
  • Additionally, the ALEX Labs and Foundation team will be an integral part of the collaborative effort.

Join FAST pool now on lockstacks.com and don’t forget to swim!


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Ryder operates FAST Pool adding more services: future sBTC payout, Liquid Stacking, Instant Off-ramp and On-ramp.

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