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Empowering Web3 in Japan: Ryder's collaboration with BuzzOne

Japan has always been at the forefront of embracing new technologies, and Web3 is no exception. With a vibrant following for web3, it has carved a niche for itself in this evolving space. Furthermore, Japan boasts a plethora of crypto exchanges and has established a robust regulatory framework around the digital asset domain. This creates an environment where compliant Web3 ventures can actually thrive and prosper.

In light of Japan's significance in the web3 realm, we at Ryder are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with BuzzOne. Founded by Web3honey and hunisan, they're the masterminds behind mammoth events like HONEYCON and Web3girls and the pioneers for Yuga Labs' groundbreaking debut event in Asia. Our alliance aims to tap into a broad spectrum of community activation in the region as a key market for Ryder. Together, we envision hosting various Web3IRL events, from exclusive gatherings for blue-chip NFT holders to innovative music NFT showcases and much more!

"It's my vision for the Japanese web3 community to experience Ryder — the pinnacle of UX/UI married with impeccable security, bringing an immersive experience that bridges the digital and physical worlds." - Hunisan, Co-founder of BuzzOne.

With this collaboration, we're not only promoting the new novel cases of Web3 in Japan but also introducing them to a new era of self-custody, one that is super simple, super secure and accessible for everyone. Together, we aspire to set the stage for what's next in the Web3 community journey in the region.

Join us as we embark on this exciting venture, merging the best of Ryder's self-custody solutions with Web3honey's community-centric initiatives!

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