Whispers from a Distant Storm: Leo, Head of Marketing at Ryder, in His Own Words

The Pacific whispers tales of fury and calm. Growing up near its embrace in what's now known as the Greater Bay Area - the burgeoning tech hub of China - I've often stood at the edge, witnessing the dance of typhoons. Before the downpour, there's a slow ballet of elements – a heavy sigh of the atmosphere, the suspenseful play of lightning, and the distant murmur of the impending deluge.

In these moments of brewing tempests, I found a strange parallel with the world of technology. There's a harmony, a rhythm in the chaos. The anticipation of something transformative on the horizon always gave me the same tingling sensation as those pre-storm moments.

I recall an instance at DJI, on the brink of launching our pocket-sized drone. The market hesitated, riddled with concerns about the potential fragility of such a compact marvel. They feared it might be too prone to falls without recognizing the flight control system that assured stable, effortless flights. But this system, brilliant as it was, posed a communication challenge - its complexity was hard to convey. So, we turned to a universal language: emojis.

We orchestrated a Twitter campaign where users sent us emojis and, in return, were treated to breathtaking drone footage. if it's a vague, then we will share people surfing. when people finish the interaction, they will receive an explanation about why flying a drone is as easy as sending an emoji and get the instant epic imagery. This innovative approach not only showcased the drone's prowess but also simplified its brilliance. And as a cherry on top, this campaign earned recognition as Twitter's global case study of the year, further solidifying DJI's global repute.

The journey was only beginning. Orchestrating the rapid market growth for OPPO in Europe by launching two groundbreaking partnerships with the prestigious Wimbledon and Roland Garros, then consolidating its dominance in Southeast Asia with a mix of media and e-commerce strategies, I felt the rhythm of innovation continue. With Bambu Lab, we transformed a Kickstarter campaign into one of the finest 3D printing brands.

The universe, it seems, never stops its dance. An invitation from Twitter whisked me away to a new chapter. Entrusted with the mission of inspiring tech hardware brands across the APAC region, I danced along, adding my notes to an already vibrant composition. Through these intertwined paths, the rhythm of the Pacific remained my grounding force. The gentle rumble before the storm, the soft whisper of change that culminates into a deafening roar.

Yet, as with any approaching tempest, skepticism prevails. Just as distant rumbles herald a storm, the tech world bubbles with anticipation for the next big disruption. Enter Ryder.

To me, Ryder symbolizes that forceful gust ushering in the Web3 era. The ideal of self-custody, harmonizing with Web3 principles, had been lying dormant, limited by the complexities of current hardware wallets. Ryder revitalizes this narrative. We dream of a world where our daily coffees are settled with this wallet. Offering an unmatched blend of ease-of-use, robust security, and premium craftsmanship, Ryder stands tall as "super strong, super simple, super secure."

Join me on this introspective exploration in our discord. As we sail the vast expanse of the tech ocean, remember: every storm, every revolution, begins with a solitary murmur, a singular idea.

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