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What is Ryder?

Ryder is here to disrupt the future of Web3. It is a social hardware device with an infrastructure that gives you access to your digital identities. Call it an extension of yourself, with Ryder you can access your identities, decentralize financial transactions and voting and interact with NFTs. The world’s first ‘social wallet’, we bring real-life interactions to crypto.

What is a Whitelist pass?

It goes without saying that if you want access to something exclusive, you’ll need to be on the right list. Our whitelist allows our backers the privilege of minting our NFTs and owning one of the first 5,000 Ryder devices.

How do I get whitelisted?

Ryder is powered by you – our community. We believe that we achieve more when we work together. Join our movement and get access to the whitelist by supporting us, in any way that you can, from a tweet to a video. Find out more on our Discord: discord.gg/UTsgVj6Hm2

How much is a Ryder NFT?

You can pledge between 0.05ETH and 3ETH to be able to claim a Ryder device and NFT, sold on a first-come, first-served basis. All seven Ryder pledge tiers have their own unique rewards for early backers.

Why are there various pledger tiers?

We want you to support Ryder however you can, which is why we made seven pledger tiers. Each tier has its unique rewards, with serious genesis benefits, such as a one-to-one drop, limited edition dev kits and more. Pledge to find out more.

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